Handmaid's Tale

Handmaid's Tale

HELP! I CAN’T USE THE WIKI! I want to post an assignment/add a page:
1) Login
2) On the left hand menu bar, click on the item you want to post the assignment/idea/page under. If there are subtopics, click on the subtopic too.
3) On the left hand menu bar, click on Add A Page.
4) A popup box has opened. In the Page Name: box, type your name and the assignment, for example "Marla - deconstruction". Don’t worry about the rest of the boxes. Click the Add Page button on the popup box.
5) You’re now looking at what seems to be an empty webpage, with only the title you wrote at the top. At the top left of the page is a button labelled Easy-Edit. Click the Easy Edit button.
6) The page will now look greyed out. At the top is a menu bar like the ones you see in Word; it will let you change font and spellcheck and other neat things.
7) Click underneath your title, if you don’t already have a flashing cursor there. In this box, you can either type the assignment out or, if you have it in Word already, just copy from Word and paste in the box.
8) If you paste, a popup will appear saying that content has been formatted to match this page. Look over how it reformatted. Make any changes (font, underlining, tabs, etc) that you want.
9) When you are finished, click the SAVE button on the EasyEdit menu. Note- do NOT click "Save as template"; click Save.
10) Click save again on the popup box.
11) Look at the page again. If it has changed (sometimes it takes out line breaks (enters) and gives you a block of text) then click Easy Edit, and fix the text in the box. Save and save and save again. What you see is what everyone else sees.

I want to link to another Internet page: A) Follow steps 1 – 8, or click the EasyEdit button on the page you want to add to.
B) Click the Link button (looks like a chain on the top left side of the EasyEdit bar) (NOT the suggested links button, the Link button)
C) Type in the words you want the reader to click on (for example, the particular literary lens) in the field that says "Enter the text".
D) Type the website address in the Link to: field.
E) Click Add Link., and continue from step 10.

I want to add a youtube video/slideshow/photo onto the site: a) Follow steps 1-8, or click the EasyEdit button on the page you want to add to. b) Click "widgets" on the EasyEdit bar. (for photos, click photo) c) Click the site you’re using (most often, Youtube) in the popup box. d) You can now search youtube FROM THE WIKI. Click to select the video you want. e) Click Add Video, set up the way you want it to look, and click Done. Continue from step 10.

I want to comment on someone else’s page: I) Find the page you want to comment on. II) Scroll down to the very bottom. Click "Start a new thread" if there isn’t already a thread (comments) started. If there are already comments, click reply. III) Subject is your topic (what you’re commenting on). Message is your comment. IV) Click post.

I want to have a longer discussion about an idea or issue: i) Click on the top menu bar, on Discussion Forum. ii) Click on +start thread (upper right hand side, little print) iii) Put in your topic – this is what people will see as the thread’s topic. Then write your message. iv) To reply to a thread, just click "reply" or "reply with quote" (the second option will automatically copy the previous message, as in an email where you can quote the other person’s writing in your reply. Fun Stuff: When someone replies to a thread in which you’ve posted, or comments on a page you’ve created, you’ll get an email.