Deconstruction lens - Taylor Ogilvie

This post will be seen through a deconstructural lens. To deconstruct actually means to analyze.

At the beginning of this passage the narrator is fully naked. Why is she completely naked? She’s only being checked if she’s baron or fruitful. You don’t need to be completely naked to check for that. To them what does it mean to be fruitful? I don’t see the doctor checking or asking the right questions if she is fruitful or not. He’s more focused on having sex with her and feeling her up.

Also after removing all of her clothing she has a sheet separating her from the doctor. Why is it necessary to hide the patients from the doctor? Why must they never see their face? It de humanizes them. To the doctor it’s just another body to inspect. But why does this doctor remove the sheet? To make it more intimate? Or so that she would trust him?

When given the option to have sex with the doctor so that she could be given a child. Instead of being scared she’s shaking with excitement perhaps? “ A way out, a salvation” (p76). If she bares a child she’ll be looked upon with envy and jealousy, like a celebrity.

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