Feminism - Kenneth Milstone-Turner

"Give me children or else I die"(p.75)
“fem·i·nism noun: the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” (Google)
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Hi, I’m Ken. I believe in establishing, defending, and defining equal cultural, economic, political, and social rights for women.While reading the first paragraph of this beautiful passage, I was amazed when she mentioned how she lays down. When educated about the cloth suspended from the ceiling, Icouldn'timagine being in a situation where it’s common for a woman to just be a body. I wish this was not always happening in the novel or even this passage.
Later on, the unnamed doctor calls her Honey. I find that with her being called this, the doctor seems to do it with everyone, pointing out that it's just a "generic term"(p.75), once again showing that Offred is just another body without a name.
If we just skip a little to keep this interesting, the doctor basically offers Offred the chance of getting pregnant. Knowing that every woman basically needs to have a child to survive in this era, he decides to take advantage and exchange his want of sex for her need of a baby. Men who take advantage of women aredisgusting. Handmaids are basically trained to be obsessed with fertility - if a woman can'tconceive, she is labelled barren and it never becomes that man's fault.
When Offred states that "it's too dangerous"(p.76), she explains that the penalty is death for what they would do - it seems as though the penalty is only for the woman though and worries that the room may be bugged. Despite this, she still considers it though.
"His hand stops. "Think about it," he says. "I've seen your chart. You don't have a lot of time left. But it's your life." (p.76)
At this point in the passage, the doctor actually treats her respectfully and gives her the choice for once. It was nice to see this, but near the end of the passage, he says "Next month"(p.76), implying that he wants to create a baby with her at that time during their next meeting.
Other thoughts
This passage is a clear example of a man with power in this novel taking advantage of a woman. She Needsa baby, but he just wantsthe sex for himself. Luckily, Offred stood her ground and did not give in to having sex with this man which is good because he does not care about her. IT's going to be interesting to see what happens "next month".
*Quotes from the Red/black edition

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