Marxist Lens - Sean Gurski

As a Marxist, there is is a lot that could be analysed from the book "Handmaid's Tail". Specifically from the pages analysed here, an idea of the books relation to Marxism is strung.In the pages analysed Offred is at the doctor. She is getting her checkup to make sure everything with her fertility is fine. The doctor recognizing her fear, as all handmaids in Gilead have, offers her a way out, for him to impregnate her.
This relationship between the women and men of Gilead is very similar to Marxism, which is the theory of social classes. One class will benefit off of the others labor. In this novels case, this is literal labor, the means of pregnancy is controlled, and can only happen through a "Commander". The women will suffer (having their tubes tied) if they are not chosen to be handmaids or will die, if they cannot conceive a child. This is exactly like Marxism in the sense that the commanders control the "means of production" and have the ability to exploit any women they so choose. In Marxism as well, it is very unlikely for those who control the means of production to talk with the working class. In Handmaid's Tail, the men will not talk to the women and visa versa.
Specific to this text however there is still some analyzing to be done. It must be pointed out that although the doctor would benefit from having sex with Offred, she would also benefit. If she were not able to conceive a child, she would be killed. In Marxist theory it is always said that the lower social classes would group up to overthrow the upper classes, then there would be communism. Although in this particular case they are not plotting to overthrow anything, they are breaking the rules (talking, possible sex) in order to help each other. Even when the men of the society hold the most power, withing that there is still social rankings. There are still the higher up social classes who control the means of who gets to have sex. They can be determined by the colors they wear.

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