Marxist - Kate Wyatt

Lack of Communication
In the transition from freedom to extreme control, the government of Gilead took to leaving the public uninformed and giving vague answers. "Newspapers were censored and some were closed down, for security reasons they said." They cut off the amount of information one could acquire through news sources and made it so that everything the government did was kept quiet. When Offred accounts this, she makes it apparent that the government's reasoning was to keep their citizens safe. Introducing roadblocks and Identipasses showed more of the restrictions imposed on the general population, creating a clear divide of who can go where and when. "Everyone approved of that, since it was obvious you couldn’t be too careful." This shows that there was possibly an aspect of fear incorporated with the government by this time already, such as propaganda about terrorists invading or organized child abduction.
Focus on the fear from external sources, leave the public uninformed, and have the empire rise.

Control of Sex
Closing the Pornomarts and other sources of sexual gratification was a huge part of the government's initial plan to control its people. By regulating what individuals did in their sex life, they went directly to the heart of the issue - sex for procreation, not love or enjoyment. Also, the money used for porn, strip clubs, or anything of the sort was earned by working and productive members of society. Therefore the government in a way decided what people could and could not spend their money on.

Loss of Money
When the female population lost access to their money, it was to further show the inferiority of women to men. Now women were all their men's property and could only buy what they needed through cooperation with their spouse. Without the presence of any warning to the sudden inaccessibility of half the population's money, it was the first of many betrayals by the government.

Throughout the whole novel, there is a strong sense of who is in power and who is deemed inferior. In this particular passage, in a matter of hours, the normal woman who worked at the corner store was replaced for a man of a much younger age. The significance of the prior woman's age - her being from Offred's mother's generation - could symbolize how her wisdom does not matter in this "new world" anymore. The fact that she was replaced by a young man also encourages this concept. He is young and inexperienced, yet is not a woman so he is still automatically a better option as an employee.
The final section of this passage, when Offred and her female colleagues are fired, the hierarchy of the population grows more apparent. The female workers are at the bottom, above them lies their male boss, and above him the soldiers that forced their way into his library. Having the soldiers armed with machine guns was a tactic used by the higher-ups to intimidate and show their power over everyone else. They have unnecessarily large and powerful weapons, for nothing but to show their reign above others in this environment.

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