Postmodern Lense

Hi. This is the view through the postmodern lens.
Her feet aren't quite touching the floor traditionally, this means feeling unsafe yet she responds very calmly and she also points out that she is uncomfortable so her ease in responding makes you question if she is representing the emotion properly.

Somewhat funny because in the past women have had no power and have had nothing of value therefore trading is not an option and in this scenario she is preparing herself for an exchange which is ironic because of her position where she is completely oppressed and more or less has no freedom of choice.

The inconsistency between her silence and the internal dialogue in her head force a shift in the genuine dynamic of the situation resulting in a slightly skewed perception of events which then forces the reader to make slight assumptions about the situation or more t hat the reader can’t help but fill in the space with their imagination.
On the surface we picture a timid woman sitting in a chair hesitating to talk and play scrabble yet through her internal thoughts and reconstruction of the memory she seems to quickly overcome the whole dangerous aspect of the situation and even becomes bold enough to kiss him.

The reference to the past shows tradition and shows how quickly the new system has demolished old traditions so on the surface all the fondest memories are of things which are now made illegal.

So as we can plainly see the post modern lens gives us insight to the surface and plays on the irony of the passage.

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