Structuralism - Eugene Lin

Structuralists often identify binary opposites from the reading and find truth from them. Here are what a structuralist would see from the “Historical Notes”
Elite vs non-elite:
It appears that the rules and laws only apply to the non-elites and not the elites. It was said that “all second marriages and non-marital liaisons (are) adulterous” (p.286), and results the families to be taken apart and the female partner taken to serve as a handmaid to the elites. However, it was also said that “they thus replace the serial polygamy common in the pre-Gilead period with the older form of simultaneous polygamy” (p.287) which stated that one man (elite) can have multiple partners at once. According to the law, serial polygamy (second wife) is not allowed and is considered adulterous, yet the elites are allowed (even encouraged) to have multiple partners (also considered as “non-marital liaisons”). This shows that the elites are the exception to the law, and only the non-elites have to follow it.
Men Vs Women /power vs powerless
The men get to pick the women they want but the women do not have a choice, they were arrested against their will. “Men highly placed in the regime were thus able to pick and choose among women who had demonstrated their reproductive fitness” (p.286) The men has the power of choice, while the women do not and has to accept everything that’s done to them. So the men are in power and dominating while the women are powerless. Also, the men only have to have status/power, regardless of their ability to reproduce, while the women have to be able to reproduce, and weren’t given any power.

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