Structuralism- Holly Ross

The following is what a Structuralist would see within the passage 'Historical Notes'. They intend to see the truth between two binary opposites. Male vs. Female: In the world, it is assumed that male dominance over females is typical of society. In this situation, it is the male that is making the woman do things for him. Even though women have a special place in our society, they are treated very differently and serve different functions. Because society is male dominant, that is why the men are the only ones who are allowed to pick who they have sex with. "Men highly placed in the regime were thus able to pick and choose among women who had demonstrated their reproductive fitness" (THT, pg. 378) Social Class: There are some varying social classes within the society of Gilead. Those with a higher social class and more money are privy to birth services. "The need for what I call birth services was already recognized in the pre-Gilead period, where it was being inadequately met by 'artificial insemination', "fertility clinics', and the use of 'surrogate mothers' ". (THT, Pg.379) Right vs. Wrong: In Gilead, they like to play the blame game. It seems that they are always blaming women for something and in this situation they're blaming the women for infertility. Gilead never looks at the other side and never judges things evenly. They don't even really consider that it is entirely possible that it's the men in their city having problems as well as the ladies. It seems so wrong to immediately assume that it's men who are correct and have no problems, and that it's the women who are always wrong. "Some infertility, then, was willed, which may account for the differing statistics among Caucasian and non-Caucasian;/ But whatever the causes, the effects were noticeable, and the Gilead regime was not the only one to react to them at the time. Rumania, for instance, had anticipated Gilead in the eighties by banning all forms of birth control, imposing compulsory pregnancy tests on the female population, and liking promotion and wage increases to fertility."

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